Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse : Hotel Terdekat Di Gili Trawangan Lombok

Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse : Hotel Terdekat Di Gili Trawangan Lombok

🏩 NamaAlfia Gili Kita Guesthouse
🏡 English NameAlfia Gili Kita Guesthouse
✈ LokasiGili Trawangan, Lombok
🌄 Rating Lokasi8.7
💵 RateRp.53.672,50 – Rp.603.213,00
🚥 Total Review28
❤ Spesial Rate Rp.495.868,00 Rp.107.345,00

Gili Trawangan adalah pilihan yang sangat bagus bagi wisatawan yang tertarik dengan kehidupan malam, olahraga dan pantai. Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse ialah salah satu hotel mewah di Lombok, ini dibuktikan dengan fitur serta pelayanan yang harus kamu baca di kolom review dibawah. Terlebih lagi karena hotel Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse mempunyai view indoor dan outdoor yang memukau, bisa kamu lihat di gambar yang sudah kami sertakan.

Mungkin kamu akan bertanya, apakah Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse dekat tempat wisata Lombok? Krn Lombok khususnya di Gili Trawangan dikenal wisatanya. Bagi sebuah hotel di Lombok, fitur yang lengkap pasti menjadi poin plus bagi kamu.

  1. Sauna
  2. WiFi gratis di semua kamar
  3. Gili Trawangan
  4. Shuttle bandara

Ternyata di Lombok ada hotel murah namun pelayanan dan interior, jangan ditanya deh. Namanya hotel Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse dengan rate mulai Rp 53.672,50,- dijamin anda menikmati liburan. Banyaknya tempat wisata di Lombok menjadikan pertumbuhan ekonomi disekitar tumbuh, salah satunya hotel Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse dengan bintang 1 yang siap memanjakan anda.

Para traveler yang kebetulan sedang di Lombok, hadirnya hotel Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse bisa dibilang cukup membantu. Agar kamu tidak kepikiran budget berlibur yang besar, ditambah harus menginap di hotel terdekat Lombok. Maka kami sarankan kamu untuk melihat hotel Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse di Lombok.

Galeri Hotel Lombok

Berikut ini galeri foto hotel di Gili Trawangan Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse, atau lebih tepatnya Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse

Anda tak harus mengeluarkan budget besar ke luar negeri, karena berlibur di Lombok dan menginap nyaman bisa anda dapatkan di Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse. Dalam pembahasan hotel terbaik di Lombok ini diharap dapat membantu anda dalam memilih rekomendasi hotel di Lombok yang worth it, tentu saja salah satunya ialah Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse yang sedang naik daun ini.

Review Hotel Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse

Dibawah ini beberapa komentar dari traveler yang telah menginap di Alfia Gili Kita Guesthouse Lombok:

  • Angelo
    Near To The Beach – (6) ★★★

    This is near to the beach and port area. Value for money but not a cozy place to stay.

  • Emma
    Gorgeous Place, Warm And Friendly Staff – (10) ★★★★★

    we will definitely be going back 🙂

  • Sebastian
    Very Cool Guesthouse – (8.4) ★★★★

    we was One night in this guesthouse. it was very cool. the People are so friendly and helpful. very great!

  • Adel
    Only If You Have No Alternative Or For Transit – (3.3)

    do not book a long stay and end up stuck there. Breakfast was awful and minimalistic (seems to be the standard ). We managed to escape and pay much less for a far better quality and service (almost half rate!). Would not recommend Alfia … except for desperate situations and very short stays.

  • Birk
    Good Price For A Good Homestay – (8.8) ★★★★

    place is very good situated, very nice people running the homestay, good price, you can rent bikes for cheap, enjoyed stay of 4 days

  • Muhammad
    Good Value For Money – (5.6) ★★

    I pais $27CAD with taxes for 2 nights, location is excellent but room was so so, AC worked but not the coolest, cockroaches and lizards inside, no hot water either, but I would still say good value for money as i got a room with a balcony in a very close location to where fast boat dropped me off

  • Luna
    Bedbugs – (7.6) ★★★

    We found flea and bedbugs. The staff was really helpful and they found us another stay for free though they wanted us to pay an extra charge for the other one when was 11pm and we were absolutely upset with the situation… Not so good…

  • Rahimi
    Excellent Hotel – (10) ★★★★★

    Friendly staffs welcoming us at the lobby. Very excellent facilities worth the money. Recommended!

  • Anna
    Didnt Even Stay There – (6.7) ★★★

    They double booked us so were moved. Looked nice though but we were put in somewhere that wasnt as nice or well located

  • Maria
    Not Bungalows But A Small Homestay With Croaches – (2.7)

    Very bad and expensive!! They are not bungalows but a low level home stay with only 4 rooms which open their doors in a very small small garden: there you can seat without any privacy. You will live in company of insects and cokroaches (which is not a problem for the staff, because “they are not dangerous”); in the room you have no furniture to put your things. The room is cleaned only if you ask. Breakfast is poor and hypothetical: sometimes nobody comes to prepare your breakfast, or the staff comes very late (slowly and sleepy…)in the late morning: if you want to go out early you will have no breakfast! when we checked out, we leaved the homestay at 9:30: we went away without breakfast because the phantomatic staff was totally absent. For that price you can find much better in Gili! The worst: we had to pay in advance by agoda, so if we would go away and looked for another hotel, we would loose our money!!!

  • Anastasiia
    Д???????????????????? м???????? о???????? – (7.6) ★★★

    Мы провели 2 ночи в отеле с дочкой
    все необходимое рядом с отелем пляж, рестораны, магазины
    нам дали в аренду пару раздолбаных великов
    завтрака ждали по 2 часа
    чистота постельного белья и полотенцев оставляет желать лучшего
    а в целом – красота, романтика))
    смотрите видео о наших 3 днях проведенных на Гили, в которых есть и отель и пляж и рестораны

  • Vanessa
    Pas Vraiment Un Homestay – (4.3) ★★

    Chambre spacieuse et literie propre et confortable. Climatisation fonctionne très bien. Cependant aucune insonorisation.
    Salle de bain laisse à désirer:
    – le siphon du lavabo fuit à grandes eaux et le robinet est clairement à changer.
    – pas deau chaude
    – la lunette des WC est dégoûtante.
    – leau de la climatisation est rejetée dans la salle de bain.
    – miroir cassé
    – pas assez de lumière

    En ce qui concerne le Wifi pas de problème.
    Concernant laccueil le staff est irréprochable, le jeune homme est venu nous chercher au bateau alors que nous navions pas prévenu de notre heure darrivée. En revanche ça na rien dune chambre dhôte étant donné laccueil inexistant des propriétaires.

    Le petit déjeuner est tout simplement immangeable. Banane pourrie dans le pancake.

  • Sandra
    Grett! – (9.2) ★★★★

    this place was great. love the staff. close to everything ?

  • Yap
    Bad – (4) ★★

    Bad experience

nb )

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